Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) in Microsoft 365 (UK version)

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Follow the instructions below to enable MFA on your Microsoft account

Start by downloading the “Microsoft Authenticator” app from Google Play or the App store:


Open the app and accept the terms and conditions – you’re now ready to add your Microsoft account, which will protect your account with a 2 step verification process. Now put your smartphone aside for a while and move to the next steps.

Use your computer to log onto the Multi Factor Authentication setup page:

  1. Log in using your email address and password
  2. Click ”Next”

3. Choose ”Mobile app” in the drop-down menu, choose “Receive notifications for verifications” and click “Set up”

  1. Go back to your phone. Press “SCAN QR CODE” in the Authenticator app. (iPhone: Please allow for the app to use the camera and also notifications on your device)

  1. Point the camera towards the QR code on your computer screen – it will automatically be scanned, which adds your Microsoft account to the Authenticator app.

Your account has now been added – it should look like this example:

  1. Click ”Next” and ”Next” again on your computer

  1. You should now receive a notification on your phone, which asks you to approve the sign-in request. Press “Approve” to confirm it’s you logging on to Microsoft. (You might be asked to unlock the app using your device PIN-code, fingerprint or Face-ID)

  1. In case you’ve lost your phone, and therefore don’t have access to the Authenticator app, you can enter your phone number to receive text-messages with a onetime password instead.

  1. Click ”Save” on the bottom of the page

followed by ”Verify preferred option”

  1. You will receive a new notification on your phone – press “Approve” to verify the MFA setup.

  1. Click ”Close” and you’re all done – you’ve now enabled MFA on your Microsoft account.


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