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Spam emails

Nowadays it can be quite the challenge to spot a spam mail, as they can appear to be both real and genuine and therefore not harmful in any way. The senders name and email address may look real to you (but often they do tend to look strange, as they contain a strange combination of both letters, numbers and special characters giving you clear indication of spam). But there is a way you easily can spot if the mail is spam or not.

For example the below email looks genuine when looking at the senders name and email address, and one could easily think it was indeed sent from Microsoft, so you would probably go ahead and click the link as they tell you to do in order to receive your messages – but don’t! Let’s check why:

Let the cursor hover over the link, but do not click it, and the full address of the link will appear, giving you an idea if this has anything to do with the sender. Not in this case.

You can always use this trick if you have any doubts of the mail being spam or not.



Remember that you can always open an email sent to you without problems and without causing any damage, but downloading and opening attached files, or clicking links inside the mail, is the tricky part and could cause damage.


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